"Fantastic . . . Very Professional, Patient and Thorough."

Won Three Times

"We Went To Court Three Times and Won Three Times . . . Extremely Happy With The Results."

Amazing Job

"AMAZING JOB! . . . Thank you."

Fees Were Reasonable

"Fees Were Reasonable and Access To Him Was Never A Problem . . . I Would Definitely Recommend David To Anyone . . . "

Very Affordable

"A Very Professional and Intelligent Attorney Who Strategically Evaluates . . .Very Affordable . . . Definitely Recommend . . ."


"Extremely Competent . . . Fair, Patient & Honest."

Not Hesitate

"Would Not Hesitate To Use Him Again Or Recommend His Services."


"Always Prepared, Knowledgeable, and Responsive . . . Overall Great To Work With and Helped Our Company Immensely."

Able To Explain

"Able To Explain Some Very Complex Legal and Technical Rules In a Way That I Could Understand."


"Very Impressed . . . Thorough Research and Breakdown"


"One of The Most Thorough Patent Attorneys We Have Ever Employed . . . We feel Confident Moving Forward After Receiving His Detailed Analysis."

Best Advice

"Of All The Legal Advice We Have Received to Date, None Has Been So Succinct and Relevant as Yours . . ."

Understood Clearly

"He Understood Clearly and Quickly . . . Efficient, Intelligent, and Very Organized. I Would Recommend Him to Any Inventor . . ."

Terrific Job

"Once Again A Terrific Job . . ."

Deep Knowledge

"Deep Knowledge in The Field of Software Patents"

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